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Stern Center Advisory Board

The Stern Center Advisory Board serves as an integral component in the management of the Theodore S. Stern Student Center and the opinions and advice of representatives of the campus community are solicited through this body.  The Board will consider matters related to the operation, programs and resources of the Stern Student Center, including:

  • Review and revision of guidelines/procedures related to the Stern Student Center
  • Building hours and scheduling calendar for the facility
  • Space allocations
  • Policies and procedures for space reservations and usage by on and off-campus groups
  • Major renovations or aesthetic changes to the facility
  • Marketing and promotion of Stern Center facilities, services and resources
  • The assessment of customer satisfaction with services and programs offered by the Stern Student Center
  • Support of institutional sustainability efforts

The Stern Center Advisory Board will discuss and vote on recommendations related to these and other related topics. Recommendations will be forwarded to the Associate Director for Student Life Operations and the Director of Student Life.

2017-18 Stern Center Advisory Board Members
Michal Taylor, Stern Center Student Staff
Jordan Bralley, Stern Center Student Staff
Jennifer Asouzu, Fraternity & Sorority Life Councils
Landon Bridges, Student Government Association
Kelly Lifchez, Student Government Association
Jacob Brown, Student Government Association
Lorraine Russell, Multicultural Student Programs and Services
TBD, Graduate Student Association
TBD, Commuter Student
Kamille Meadows, Residence Hall Association
Drew Ayers, Cougar Activities Board
Montana Crosby, Cougar Activities Board
Robert Grubb, REACH Program
Matthew Morris, Veterans Student Association
Jordan Giger, Veterans Student Association
Catt Weglicki, Honors College
Melissa Rentfrow, Marketing Associate, Dining Services
Sarah Coombs, Marketing Assistant, Dining Services
TBD, Faculty Member
Stephanie Auwaerter, Director of Orientation
Mara McCloy, CisternYard Media (ex-officio)
Mandi Bryson, Associate Director for Student Life Operations (ex-officio)
Christine Workman, Director of Student Life (ex-officio)
Chris Bond, Facilities Coordinator, Student Life & Stern Center (ex-officio)