Student Life Reservations


The Office of Student Life manages facility reservations for several campus venues, including the Stern Student Center, Stern Center Garden, Cougar Mall, Rivers Green and RITA 101-103 (special events). This office also serves as a reference source for information regarding other venues on campus. 


Student organization requests MUST be submitted by a student member of the group. 


Fall 2021 (Aug. 23-Dec. 6) 



Off-Campus Organizations: Please contact Mandi Copeland, Associate Director for Events & Operations at for additional information.

Additional Guidelines & Exception Information

The following guidelines are in place for all meetings and events 

    • Face coverings are required. Socially distancing is strongly encouraged.
    • A non-student employee of the College needs to be present to manage the event. Those managing the event are responsible for managing social distancing and the face covering requirements.
    • Eating and drinking should be very limited. Food should be pre-packaged, and we encourage providing food and drink in a “to-go” format as guests are leaving the event.
    • Events/gatherings should not include mingling or reception activities as it is difficult to maintain social distancing.
    • Please maintain a list of attendees in case follow-up is needed for contact-tracing purposes.

Requesting Exceptions to COVID-19 Gathering Policies:

  • Exceptions may be granted on a very limited basis.
  • Exceptions are requested using the exception form.
  • To request an exception, the requestor needs to have approval for the exception request from his/her/their division head (vice president or executive vice president). The form will be routed to the appropriate VP/EVP for this approval.
  • Final review of exemptions requests will be completed by Alicia Caudill, EVP for Student Affairs and Bridget McLernon Sykes, COVID-Lead.
  • Those who approve space requests should not approve any exemptions to these policies without notification from Bridget McLernon Sykes or Alicia Caudill.

Information that must be included to request an exemption:

  • Rationale for the request.
  • An outline including details of the event, such as check-in procedures and run of show.
  • Specific plans for enforcing face covering and social distancing, including those who are responsible for doing this.
  • If food or drink will be provided, details of the plans for distributing those items.
  • Remember that these exemptions need approval from your division head (vice president or executive vice president) before they are sent to Alicia Caudill and Bridget McLernon Sykes.

Questions concerning Stern Center and Student Life facility reservations may be sent to Mandi Copeland, Associate Director for Events & Operations at